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Waycross-Online.com: Edit or Submit New Entry for the Gallery

For simple text changes and corrections, you may also drop us an e-mail instead of using this form.

Picture Title: (e.g. "Big D's Restaurant")
Contact person for gallery entry. For internal purposes only; the name will not be displayed on the website.
We may need to contact you if we have questions.
Submission Option:  Commercial/Business, $3
 Nonprofit Organizations - free
 Other town pictures - free, your contribution is very much appreciated! Feel free to give yourself photographer's credit in the description.
Entry Text:For longer texts, please compose in NotePad or Word processor, then copy and paste here.
Existing entry: Does this entry replace an existing entry? If yes please put the entry's title or describe the entry to be replaced.
Comments:For internal use. You may enter comment(s) and background information about the submission. For example, if you're editing a business-related gallery entry, let us know if you're the owner of the business.
Now, enter the pictures to be submitted. Minimum size 800x600 pixels. Horizontal only (NOT vertical/upright photos, or non-standard sizes).
You may submit up to four pictures, or submit none if you're replacing an existing entry and want to keep the current picture(s).
Picture 1:
Picture 2:
Picture 3:
Picture 4:
    By checking this box you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Important: All entries will be reviewed by an editor before being posted. You need to own copyright to the pictures submitted. You grant us a non-exclusive web publishing right by submitting. We reserve the right to edit any entry.