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Waycross Journal Herald

Waycross Journal Herald

Waycross Journal Herald

Reader Comments

Oscar, R.I.P.
Posted 9/11/2007 6:25:07 PM by Ginger

I just heard the news about Oscar passing. What became ofhis remains? I was kinda hoping that he was stuffed and put on display at the Swamp Museum.

I love you all!
Posted 1/11/2008 4:05:27 PM by DEMANEIME

Make love, not war!

Front Page Coverage
Posted 5/21/2008 10:46:45 AM by Betty Carter

Your paper needs to have a little more coverage of the daily news for me to buy on line...one article doesn't get it for me..and some day's it's the same thing...get with it and put more article's for me and other's to subscribe to your on line service....Have a good day!!!!!!

Betty Carter
Atlanta Ga.

Posted 6/16/2008 11:05:56 AM by BETTY CARTER

I'm still waiting about your front page coverage....there is never enough coverage about Waycross that would entice me to buy your on line service....Look at other paper's from the area and you will see they supply a better service to the public than you do...we have family and friends in the Waycross area and know that you can do better....and our grandchildren are an important part of the Gator Teams....we are so proud of what Micah and Chase and would like for the people of Atlanta to see what we are talking about when we tell them about Waycross and the Best Football team in the South......Go Gater!!!!!

Overcoming Prejudice
Posted 11/7/2008 8:22:25 PM by Rhonda Michelle Britton

I have something extremely important to share with the public:
My heart is saddened to know that so many people are prejudice toward others. In my own opinion, before we can attempt to break away from such deep-rooted ignorance, we must first grasp with understanding the true nature of life. “Life’s greatest riddle” is the fact that none of us is separate from each other. We are all part of the same “self. “In other words, the “I’ in me is also the same “I” in everybody else. This is the same brother /sisterhood that Christ teaches in the Bible. “We are of one body, one spirit, one mind.—we are related one to another and the spirit of God dwells within all us.” This concept exists in other religions other that Christianity accompanied with variations of other beliefs and practices. Similarly, in my own opinion, we are connected to each other, but I also believe we are connected to everything else in the universe too.
Prejudice people have built an imaginary wall around themselves that give them a false since of separateness into their own world of egocentric or ethnocentric qualities. But once they grasp “life’s greatest riddle,” the veil of blindness is lifted --their eyes spring open to the truth, and the walls around them come tumbling down. The barriers that once isolated them such as the color of one’s skin, nationality, sex, religion, or sexual preference are no longer relevant. However, without acceptance of this knowledge, they are unable to make any real changes and their efforts are all in vein. Prejudice people hypocritically go through the motions of “corrective behavior” only to secretly hide their continuance of prejudice notions.
Nevertheless, the truth is what sets them free and in spite of the negative traditions or stereotypes absorbed into their consciousness, their views of others change because when they look into the eyes of others, they can now identify with themselves.
When we can see ourselves in others, we have a change of mind and are able to view people around us in a different light. In other words, we are able to see our own self-image when our eyes meet the eyes of other people. We discover a true sense of oneness with everybody—NO ONE IS BETTER OR LESS—NO ONE IS ABOVE OR BELOW BECAUSE WE ARE ALL THE SAME. Gradually, we forsake our old ways of thinking and living because at last, we have found ourselves.
Miraculously, without effort, we settle into a new way of living, which already includes measures to both counteract and eliminate prejudice. By giving everybody we meet the benefit of the doubt instead of stereotyping him or her, we are able to see the real person in every individual. As life takes on a deeper meaning, we no longer waste our energy trying to mold the illusive personalities of others to fit our own. Instead, we now embrace their unique differences with respect and acceptance, and most of all we are finally able to view them through the eyes of love. We now realize the world does not spend on a dollar bill, but instead, its love that makes the world go around. Our demands for change in the outer world has ceased because we realize that the only real changes began within our own being. Therefore, we adjust to the world instead of waiting for the world to adjust to suit us. We carefully choose our words and deeds because we dare not to hurt another. When we hurt others, we are also hurting ourselves as well. People who hurt us do not know us-- nor do they know themselves. Since we are no longer limited to certain people, places, or things, we become as curious children: exploring new places, having new experiences, and adopting new friends and associates. As our lives change and expand, so does our wisdom, knowledge, hopes, dreams, and desires.
People fail to realize the endless restrictions a prejudice attitude can place upon them. Many of us attend church every Sunday claiming to know God, but we will never know God until we lay down our prejudice hatred or indifferences toward others. When we stop trying to control everything and everybody around us, and allow God to take over and be the ruler of our lives, not only will we be free from prejudice, but the truth will set us free from many other things as well.
Rhonda Michelle Britton

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