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Directions to Laura S. Walker State Park

Directions to Laura S. Walker State Park

About Laura S. Walker State Park:
Located near the northern edge of the Okefenokee Swamp, this park features nature trails along the shore and through nature with alligators, carnivorous pitcher plants, tortoises, numerous oak varieties, saw palmettos, and more. The lake offers opportunities for boating, skiing, and fishing. There is a swimming pool available during summer as well.

A championship 18-hole golf course, The Lakes, features a clubhouse, golf pro, unlimited weekday play and junior/senior citizen discounts. This is one of the few state parks named after a woman, and its name is richly deserved. Laura Walker was a Georgia writer, teacher, civic leader and naturalist who was a great lover of trees and worked for their preservation.

Read more on the park's official website at http://gastateparks.org/info/lwalker/

The park also features a campground including premium lakeside spots with water and electric hook-ups. There are other accomodations nearby.

Reader Comments

I love Cities like Yours
Posted 1/24/2005 5:59:06 AM by Marcin Witkowski

Your web site is very nice.
I write from Poland, Eastern Europe.
I love old style cities (the traditional old-looking centres) from the american south. I love the way that your cities were built. I love the space and i love your wide streets and I love the peaceful aura that seems to surround your cities. Its different in Europe. Our cities are very small and the streets are tight. I hope i'll get the chance to spend my holidays in the USA one day and see it in person. Cheers.

The best picture is


I use it as my desktop pic.

Thank you
Posted 1/24/2005 4:56:07 PM by Webmaster

Thank you for the compliment. In America, we adore European cities for their charm and quaint little streets :-)

It's true that everything is very spaced-out in the U.S. (especially in cities that are not as "old" as Philadelphia and New York). The drawback - you need a car to get around or be prepared to walk a looong time to the next grocery store! :-)

P.S.: Not sure why the picture is missing on this particular page, I need to go hunt for it.

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